Mechanical Contracting Services

We have created the most forward-thinking process for Mechanical Contracting from Louisville to St. Louis and Columbia, MO. By integrating design and prefabrication processes with our skilled, professional staff, we’ve created a complete, ground-breaking process that makes installs faster, more accurate and efficient. Contact our mechanical contracting team in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia, MO and Louisville, KY for your prefabrication and design needs!

Contact us today in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia, MO and Louisville, KY for mechanical contracting services, including prefabrication.

Project Plan and Spec

QuesTec has cut its teeth in the plan and spec market. We consistently have the right number on the jobs that we bid.

Design Build

QuesTec offers design build solutions with a constructability and competitive pricing that allows our customers to offer their clients the best of both worlds.

Project Design Assist

QuesTec is also experienced at working with your design team to guide the design process.


We use BIM to create models and designs for our systems and VCD to set up our work processes and scheduling for fast, efficient system builds.

Prefabrication - Plumbing and HVAC Components

Our 7,500 square-foot prefabrication center allows us to produce components for our projects ahead of schedule, which helps cut down on-site installation time.

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Why QuesTec?

We make installs faster, more accurate and efficient. Find out how.


How We Do It

We’ve created processes that streamline component building and make installs fast and efficient. Learn more.

Mechanical Contracting Experts

Mechanical Contracting or Service & Maintenance — tell us what you need and we’ll create a plan just for you!