Our History

QuesTec Mechanical was founded in December 1996 by Scott Boyd. We started out seeking to build a mechanical contracting company that could compete in the Central Missouri market.

We Were Founded on Innovation and Quality Services

Our local area is dominated by public institutions such as the University of Missouri in Columbia, the State of Missouri government to our south, military bases and public schools. Due to the nature of our region, we cut our teeth on competitive low-bid plan and spec work. It drove us to innovate to improve our delivery systems so that we could have the lowest cost structure on jobs that were awarded to the low bidder and required all bidders to pay the same prevailing wage.

Early on in our history we began to realize success and wanted to find a reason to continue to be motivated beyond the wallets of our owners. We realized that helping people grow within our company was one of the most rewarding things we had experienced. So our “why” became not to grow, but to provide opportunity for our people to grow. This organic purpose has fueled a growth within our company that has not occurred from setting goals to grow, but rather by helping our people continue to get better, to expand their departments to meet the demands of the work that was obtained.

As we began to grow with more ease, technology became the tool of choice to enhance and improve the product that we were able to offer our customers. This led us to the many systems that we use to deliver a great product at a great price.

All of these improvements became small pushes on the QuesTec flywheel such that when the greatest recession started in 2008, we were able to flourish even as the market drove prices down. We tripled in size while six or seven of our competitors went out of business.

QuesTec is now located in three cities with plans to expand into more midwest locations in the coming years. Our staff of licensed professional craftsmen, engineers, project managers, construction estimators, HVAC service technicians, VDC designers, prefabrication shop, and warehouse services continues to fuel efficient quality work and growth for the benefit of our employees.


Meet The Team

Our leadership team is made up of highly skilled, trained experts.


From our 4 locations, we provide leading-edge mechanical contracting and HVAC service.