Career Opportunities

Warehouse Coordinator - Columbia, MO

The Warehouse Coordinator is responsible for the daily maintenance, order, stocking and delivery of all items associated with plumbing, pipefitting, welding and HVAC roles with QuesTec. This employee plays a critical part in assisting the company with inventory management, tool/machine operation and overall cost efficiencies. The Warehouse Coordinator must be aware of the importance of QuesTec’s safety practices and principles at all times. This position is a safety sensitive job, where the employee is responsible for and has the ability to impact their own safety as well as the safety of those around them. Therefore, all federal, state, and local laws regarding drug and alcohol use for safety sensitive jobs applies to this position.

Director of Education & Workforce Development - Columbia, MO

People are the foundation of our operations here at QuesTec. We have proven time and time again that when we invest in our people, we grow. This role aims to put more power, time, and energy behind our in-house Apprenticeship Program, our companywide LMS, and our mission to provide opportunities for our people to continue developing. This role is a combination of very high-level decision making and goal setting as well as hands on administration and implementation. We are looking for the right person that can catch vision for our company, take full ownership of programs/projects, and contribute to the future of our company.

Purchasing Manager - Columbia, MO

The Purchasing Manager at QuesTec is responsible for finding costs savings, preventing stock-outs, IT development, and managing inventory analytics, reporting & data solutions. A successful Purchasing Manager must be able to think critically to identify and communicate business and technological strategies/solutions. This involves maintaining frequent interaction with all departments and making impactful financial decisions without hesitation. This position will work closely with project managers, warehouse personnel, estimators, accounting, suppliers, and foremen to setup, implement, manage, distribute, and deploy inventory materials, mobile device fleet, and construction tools. This person must have the ability to mine related data from a variety of systems to create reports on key data that increases productivity and promotes cost saving procedures.

Project Manager - Columbia, MO

Our Project Managers at QuesTec ensure the execution, documentation, and daily management of each project. This includes subcontractor management, equipment and material procurement, labor force management, coordination with general contractors & subcontractors, and financial administration/analysis of each project. This is a full-time, salaried position based out of our main office in Columbia, MO. Our Project Management team reports directly to the President of the company and has three supporting Project Administrators.

Outside Sales Representative - O'Fallon, MO

Are you ready to move the sales needle? Every building owner wants to have a flawlessly running HVAC system and that’s how our next maintenance and service sales representative moves the sales needle. Keeping people in a perfect temperature year-round is what we do and do it well. QuesTec Service is looking for the right maintenance and service sales representative to help build our HVAC Maintenance & Service division in the St. Louis area. This experienced person must be able to effectively execute the sales process from beginning to end, expertly communicating the long-term benefits of an M & S agreement.

Accounting Manager - Columbia, MO

Our Accounting Manager position has an important role for the overall success of QuesTec. This person will be the accounting lead for a company or division of QuesTec and is responsible for a major accounting function for all companies. Accuracy, confidentiality, and overall knowledge of accounting is critical for this role. The Accounting Manager will need to have a positive, willing attitude and grow in their knowledge of QuesTec’s processes, as they develop new skills to better themselves and QuesTec. This position will work in person, reporting to the CFO in our Columbia, MO office location.

HVAC Service Technician

Our HVAC/R Service Technicians play an integral part on the QuesTec Service team. Our Technicians are responsible for the troubleshooting, diagnosis, repair, maintenance and installation of HVAC and related equipment as assigned per manager and according to contractual commitments between QuesTec and client. Daily coordination of activities, routes and projects are expected to be accomplished both efficiently and effectively.

O'Fallon, MO

Louisville, KY

Journeyman Plumber/Pipefitter

Our commercial plumbing staff at QuesTec are responsible for the fabrication, assembly, installation, or repair of pipes, equipment, fittings and/or fixtures related to heating, water, and drainage systems used in water distribution and wastewater disposal in our commercial building projects. Our commercial plumbers are expected to follow design specifications required of the project and work with direct and indirect supervision.

Columbia, MO

O'Fallon, MO

Apprentice Plumber/Pipefitter - Columbia, MO

Are you ready to join a highly skilled trade that is in high demand? Trained and experienced commercial plumbers & pipefitters are the backbone of commercial construction, and they have the potential to earn high wages while working a traditional work week. QuesTec Mechanical invests in our community through offering an accredited and DOL registered apprenticeship program with a strong history of graduating talented workers who make a difference in the workforce!