Career Opportunities

Warehouse Driver and Assistant - Columbia, MO

QuesTec Mechanical is recruiting for a warehouse driver / assistant for central Missouri. The Warehouse Driver/Assistant will report to work daily at our Columbia home office and deliver to our various job sites in central MO. The foremost responsibility of this position is to pick up and deliver product to job sites, and to perform warehouse activities to include materials pulling, staging, and loading/stocking of trucks. This is a full-time position based in Columbia. This position is a safety sensitive job, where the employee is responsible for and has the ability to impact their own safety as well as the safety of those around them. Therefore, all federal, state, and local laws regarding drug and alcohol use for safety sensitive jobs applies to this position.

Office Administrator & Service Dispatcher - Louisville, KY

The QuesTec Office Administrator & Service Dispatcher will receive customer calls, dispatch, and adjust the schedule of service representatives as required, while utilizing our software to effectively maintain work schedules for service representatives, and assure that customer commitments are met. This person’s ability and willingness to quickly resolve external and internal customer issues is key to the success of this position. The Dispatcher also holds the responsibility to organize, enter and occasionally calculate large volumes of data related to the HVAC Service & Maintenance department. This is an hourly, non-exempt role reporting to the Office Manager and Service Manager.

Dispatcher/Customer Service - Columbia, MO

This position’s primary function is to utilize our software effectively and efficiently to maintain the work schedule for our team of service technicians and assure that customer commitments are met. The dispatching of our service technicians is an essential part of daily operations and is the primary priority in this role. Simultaneously, the dispatcher needs to receive new, incoming customer calls and adjust the schedule as needed. This is a fulltime, hourly, non-exempt position reporting to the Service Manager for our Columbia Service company.

Project Manager - Columbia, MO

Our Project Managers at QuesTec ensure the execution, documentation, and daily management of each project. This includes subcontractor management, equipment and material procurement, labor force management, coordination with general contractors & subcontractors, and financial administration/analysis of each project. This is a full-time, salaried position based out of our main office in Columbia, MO. Our Project Management team reports directly to the President of the company and has three supporting Project Administrators.

Apprentice Plumber/Pipefitter - Columbia, MO

Are you ready to join a highly skilled trade that is in high demand? Trained and experienced commercial plumbers & pipefitters are the backbone of commercial construction, and they have the potential to earn high wages while working a traditional work week. QuesTec Mechanical invests in our community through offering an accredited and DOL registered apprenticeship program with a strong history of graduating talented workers who make a difference in the workforce!

Journeyman Plumber/Pipefitter

Our commercial plumbing staff at QuesTec are responsible for the fabrication, assembly, installation, or repair of pipes, equipment, fittings and/or fixtures related to heating, water, and drainage systems used in water distribution and wastewater disposal in our commercial building projects. Our commercial plumbers are expected to follow design specifications required of the project and work with direct and indirect supervision.

O'Fallon, MO

Columbia, MO

HVAC Service Technician

Our HVAC/R Service Technicians play an integral part on the QuesTec Service team. Our Technicians are responsible for the troubleshooting, diagnosis, repair, maintenance and installation of HVAC and related equipment as assigned per manager and according to contractual commitments between QuesTec and client. Daily coordination of activities, routes and projects are expected to be accomplished both efficiently and effectively.

O'Fallon, MO

Columbia, MO

Louisville, KY