Apprenticeship Program

Why We Invest in the Training of our Employees

Our apprentice program, established in 1999, equips our field staff with knowledge and performance skills to excel in their craft. This training empowers each individual to become an expert in their field, assuring that their work is far and beyond industry standards.

During class, our apprentices get the unique opportunity to learn from our certified instructors. These instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom having been trained through the same program. Trainees engage in the learning process through traditional lesson plans, hands on performance modules, innovative testing, and daily application on the job sites.

We became an Accredited Training Sponsor in order to invest in the futures of our employees thereby strengthening our brand. By fostering workplace development and devoting ourselves to the pursuit excellence, we build a strong and united team engaged in producing high caliber work to impact our community.

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