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When you combine our reputation as a low-priced efficient builder with our entire culture of craftsmen, technologies and systems, QuesTec offers design build solution with a constructability and competitive pricing that allows our customers to offer their clients the best of both worlds, competitive pricing from a plan and spec world, constructible systems and systems that simply work.

QuesTec has engineers and designers on staff to perform design build work for our clients who demand the speed and quality of this delivery method. Our design build projects offer a greater level of constructability due to our combination of field knowledge and experienced engineers.

In this traditional method of building, an owner hires an architect and engineer, and plans and specifications are sent out for competitive bids. The lowest qualified bidder is usually selected to build the job. This is the where QuesTec began to work. We cut our teeth on plan and spec work and have become one of the best at what we do.

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