Prefabrication - Plumbing and HVAC Components

Our 7,500 square-foot prefabrication center allows us to produce components for our projects ahead of schedule, which helps cut down on-site installation time

It's All About The Savings

Our precise BIM and VDC plans allow us to prefabricate entire mechanical rooms that we can ship and install on site, saving time and reducing costs.
Clients also benefit from early quality control and troubleshooting on prefab systems. This allows us to keep schedules tight. Not to mention, we can pass along savings to you!

QuesTec has a dedicated team who work on prefabrication of components for our job sites. Our in-house experts ensure the work is done on schedule and meets our high standards of quality. This is what brings our customers back again and again.

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Whether you need one or all of our services, we’ve got you covered!

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