Lafferre Hall (University of Missouri Campus)

Lafferre Hall is a new three story addition to University of Missouri’s engineering hall, which includes remodels to portions of the existing the 1892, 1935 and 1958 buildings. The project also required new instructional and research laboratories. The scope of this project included a typical heating and cooling system along with steam, deionized water, process water, lab gases and fume hood exhaust systems. It had a very challenging one-year schedule that was complicated by the requirement to model all new construction and the 223 change order requests that were issued throughout the process.

It also required coordination of materials and deliveries because there was no site space for storage. The mechanical room was housed in a 4th floor penthouse and required the use of a build-on-site, 450-ton crane to get two 36,000 pound air handlers into place. Though the project was scheduled to complete in late October, it took until December to actually finish, which was just in time for the spring semester.

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